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Popular Actors

Most Popular Film Actors from India

India is the country that is giving respect to the stars of every field . Be it film industry, sports etc. The range and the demand increases with the support of the audience and fans. Nowadays we can see that many films from India have been screened in Cannes, Oscars and many other International events. The value of the Indian cinema is outstanding and this cause a huge number of fans all around the world and they eagerly waits for the most awaited movies. There have been many films that reached Oscar nominations. Actors also gets a wide range of support from all around the world. Some of the most popular actors from India have been listed below. their photo galleries have also been specified.

1. Rajni Kanth

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The most popular actor in India and all around the world. He has the biggest support and lots of ‘Rajni fans’ working for the welfare of orphans and many other charity works. He came from a very poor family and struggled a lot before becoming an actor. He was a bus conductor before acting in films. His gratitude to act in movies made him in this position. He is the highest paid actor in India. Well he wont act randomly in movies. One year one film thats his policy and the producer of that movie surely gathers the cost of the movie in the first week itself. No other actor comes close to Rajni Kanth. All the top line directors queue him up for signing their movies. He works for the welfare of the Tamil people. His movie is universally released which no other actor has in India. His movie releases the same time in Japan,USA,Canada and many other countries. Some are dubbed in their languages. He is meant to be the god in Tamil Nadu. He is very humble and very down to Earth nature and does lots of help to the poor people and deals with their problems.

2. Amitabh Bachchan

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Amitabh Bachchan is one of the mostly renowned actor in the Indian film industry. He is one of the most demanded actors in this industry even at his age of 65. He has a lot of caliber at this age and acts around five movies a year. His greatest asset is his personality and his voice other than his looks. He is married to the popular actor named Jayabhaduri and have two children. One of his children Abhishek Bachchan is one of the leading actor now. When he entered into the film industry he struggled a lot for a hit. It was Zanjeer that made his way clear and gave sure that he will remain here itself. Then came Sholay which made history in box office. Then he doesnt need to look back,all the movies was making a huge profit and made him more demand. Then after 25 years came his bad luck and he was debt with lots of money. Then came a TV reality show name “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which boosted up his career once more at the age of 60 and till now also he is the most demanded and popular in all over the world. HIs wax statue is fixed in Madame Tussuad’s museum in London.

3. Shahrukh Khan

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Shahrukh Khan is known as the King of the bollywood. He is one of the most bravest star. Shahrukh Khan struggled a lot for his position in Bollywood in his early times. He is the most popular young actor that has fans all over the world. He is one of the highest paid actor in this film industry. He is the only actor that has no family backgrounds related to film industry. Its his effort and hard work that made him Numero Uno. He appeared into the television serials first at early 90s named “Circus” and “Fauji”. His wax statue is also fixed in Madam Tussuad’s museum. Beside acting he is also good in business whether it is film production or owning a cricket league team he makes a good profit in any field. He is married to Gauri Khan and have two children named Aryan and Suhaana. He is one of the few actor that give more value to his family and postpones anything for his family. He has won national award and lots of film fare awards for his best performance. One of his biggest asset is that he is considered as the boy next door and a pet for all of the family and is liked by all the people of different age groups. He is very kind at heart and donates without any media presence for the welfare of the poor people.

4. Chiranjeevi

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In Andhrapradhesh Chiranjeevi is considered as their larger than life His skills have been explored worldwide and with that he created millions of fan all around the world. Chiranjeevis orginal name is Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad. Chiranjeevi is the mega star of the Telugu movie industry. He has been heading a blood donation bank in Andhrapradhesh for poor people. He wont act random in all the movies. He carefully selects and make sure that it has any message in the story. Then only he acts and spreads message to all through that movie. His sincerity and humbleness has collected many fans for him. He is the second most paid actor in India. His trademark feature is his dance and vibrant in his energy at that age makes him unique. His support to upcoming actors are tremendous and very sincere to his heart. All his movies will be a big budget but his porter role in Okkadu became a trendsetter. He is the recipient of Padmabushan. In 2006 he received Doctorite from Andhra university for his for his services to the Telugu film industry and for his social work.

5. Kamal Hassan

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The name Kamal Hassan suggests us for novelty and creativity. The man with different talents in one, thats what we can define Kamal Hassan. His talents are praised worldwide. He is the multiple national award winner. He has supporters all around the world and mostly known for his different talents. He is popularly known as ‘ Sakala kala vallabhavan’ which means a man with all talents. He can sing,dance western and Bharatha Nadyam, can write lyrics for the song, direct a movie and many more in his list. He has received Padmashree and doctorate. He acted at the age of five and now at the age of 60 he is still in old form. His looks demands to be the star of India. He is the actor which had several ups and downs. His latest movie created a world record of an actor in 10 different roles in one movie . He has the advantage of knowing all the languages in India and has acted almost all the languages. His wide range of acting skills have been studied by University and defines him as the most flexible actor from India.

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